Visual LocBaml is implemented in the way, similar to the Microsoft's LocBaml tool sample with lot's of additional features and nice UI. Applications which were previousely localized with LocBaml tool from Microsoft or any other similar tool can be easily localized using Visual LocBaml.

1. Preparing For Localization

To start with localization, you need to prepare your project for that. Please read the following page for details: Preparing your WPF Project for Localization

2. Setting Up Your Project

When creating new project, you need to specify where your binaries are located.

Visual LocBaml will search for all localizable assemblies and present it to you.

If some of your assemblies are already localized, Visual LocBaml will find their translations in sattelite resources and suggest you to import translated strings as well.

After these steps are done, Visual LocBaml will import all found strings and their translation into its database. So you may start working on the translation.