WPF Application Localization


Visual Locbaml is a free and open-source software to simplify the task of WPF application localization.

Serving as a translation database which keeps all your strings along with their translations for your WPF application, Visual Locbaml can do the following:

Also Visual Locbaml allows you to troubleshoot your localization more quickly, in case some strings is missing or translated incorrectly.

Visual LocBaml is implemented in the way, similar to the Microsoft's LocBaml tool sample with lot's of additional features. Applications which were previousely localized with LocBaml tool from Microsoft or using any other similar tool can be easily localized using Visual LocBaml.

You can manage translation languages. Export strings for translation and translated strings import the back into the database.

Also you can view and edit translation for any language:

Filtering capability can be very useful when working with translation or when troubleshooting translation errors: